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  • Final DHI Hiring Indicators Report


    June 2018
  • American Job Openings Take Ever Longer to Fill


    May 2018
  • Job Applications Rise Strongly with Posted Wages



    April 2018
  • Labor Markets are Tight for Employers, But Not for Jobseekers


    March 2018
  • DHI Releases Updated Labor Market Tightness Measures for 37 Skill Categories


    February 2018
  • Mean Vacancy Duration Held Steady for Private Sector Jobs in November, But It Fell Sharply for Government Jobs

    January 2018
  • Smaller Firms Outpace Larger Ones in Applications to Technology-Oriented Jobs

    December 2017
  • Mean Vacancy Duration Rose to 30 Working Days in September

    November 2017
  • Mean Vacancy Duration Rose to 29.2 Working Days in August, Larger Employers Take Longer to Fill Open Jobs

    October 2017
  • Vacancy Durations and Recruiting Intensity Rose in July



    September 2017
  • Mean Vacancy Duration Rose to 28.9 Working Days in June


    August 2017
  • Mean Vacancy Duration Fell Sharply to 27.6 Working Days in May

    July 2017
  • Mean vacancy duration reaches all-time high of 30.5 working days in April

    June 2017
  • Labor market tightness measures for 45 skill categories

    May 2017
  • Employers in Health Services Struggle to Fill Open Job Positions

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    April 2017